Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You know you want one!

Look what I got! Damien Mulley he of the famed fluffy badges sent them to me. The idea is that I start a Filthy link (sorry Damien I'm not as creative as you are so plagiarism will have to rule here!) I will pick a post a week(ish) that deserves to receive a Filthy badge, and I will link to it from my blog.

So let me know if you see anything I might be interested in? Or even better let the first badge go to a fellow ninepounder, we certainly have enough shocking people writing for us!

I think that ascetically the Filthy badge and the Fluffy badge would look fab together at next years blog awards, the black and white inverted is very Yin and Yang!

Go on, write a filthy post.....you know you want one!


  1. Love the badges but I am afraid any story of mine might be too fluffy or filthy as my kids read this

  2. What does fluffy actually mean in DM's context?

  3. I'm a filth failure Midge, I'll leave it up to the others.

  4. Shan is writing a novel about the time Peig seduced him as we speak, its manky

  5. I wish I could. I covet the badge. But I'm not so sure.