Monday, April 21, 2008

The age of innocence

As I've said in previous post's I led a very innocent and happy childhood, my teenage years were similar. There was no pill no condoms and anything to do with sex was a mortal sin.

In boarding school we had to go to mass every morning and confession once a week where the priest would shout at us if we mentioned bad thoughts.Once after our holidays a girl fainted in the confession box she was in there for so long, that was to do with french kissing.

As I had kids myself I did'nt want them to be so inhibited so things were spoken about quite openly. Now you know why Shan and Idiot are the way they are .

NowI had never seen a sex toy so you can imagine my surprise when Shan and Mrs Shan went to London on holiday and brought me back a lovely surprise. Guess what !!!

Just thinking I must be careful when i'm moving house.


  1. It's a funny world isn't it, how things change.

  2. That's gas Ails...I hope I can be as open with my kids, I think you have produced two lovely men!

  3. is the fact that my mother has spoken about her vibrator now worthy of a filthy badge????

    Mrs Shan wants to know if you have used it?

  4. Goodness, things are getting intersting. Now ails jsut needs a lovely Shirley Valentinesque holiday with her vibrating frined, in Tuscany.

    What good children! I hope mine are as thoughtful in my middle age.

  5. Oh my God Jo
    That sounds like a great idea
    Tell Mrs Shan to MYOB
    thanks mw

  6. Jo, "vibrating frined", that's added to the list.

  7. You're out of control. Milan, that's not a funny one! And if you go over my posts and comments, there's several thousand by now!

  8. Sweet mother of jaysus, ya fuck off for a couple of weeks, come back and you've already corrupted Aileen.

    I've been on this blog much longer and am still awaiting corruption.

    I'm writing a letter of complaint.

  9. funny. If you haven't been corrupted by now Tib then I think there's no hope for ye.