Monday, April 21, 2008

Who's afraid of the serial killer who lives next door?

This is two or three posts in one (hear that great overlord?) Firstly I don't know if I've ever mentioned my neighbour here? Lets call him Walter, cos that's his name. Well when I moved into this house first, which was three years ago the previous residents told about the "lovely" man who lived next door.....Walter! So the first time I saw the fifty something man emerge from his over grown and broken down house I said hi and proceeded to approach him, only to have him walk quickly back into his house! Now this happened several times, so eventually I just assumed Walter was shy and I stopped even saying hi!

Now last year my husband and I separated (I know harping on about it again!) but then a funny thing happened, Walter approached me! Suddenly he was Mr Happy, coming over to talk to me and the children, seemingly really fond of the baby! Then on Christmas Eve I received a Christmas Card from him, addressed to me and the kids, all the names spelled correctly (I have a bitch of a name!) and the card was two little velvet (yes velvet!) robins snuggling up...."To someone special"! I was suitably freaked out, the lonely weirdo next door had a crush on me? YUCK!

Just an aside here, I'm making dinner as I blog, a turkey, sweet potato,pineapple, water chestnut, mangetout, pepper ans baby corn Thai curry.....and it's yummy!

So anyhoo, there was no gift left on my doorstep but Walter still continued to show his interest in my life and my family, I stressed to the kids never to go into his house, never to talk to
\ know the normal stuff? But then after Christmas Bord Gais decided to dig up half of Blackrock...putting down mew gas lines, and by the end of January they had reached my estate. Oh God, there was no way out of my house, during the day there was a huge, really deep hole in front of my gate, the only way out of my funny little house! So during the day a dishy builder would help me and the kids out of the house, holding my hand as I walked over the planks they laid....( hee) and (sorry BF, but I did leave the house a few times for no real reason but to be flirted with by the builders!)

So that lasted for three weeks, and then they were gone, they had done what they had to do, in all the houses in the estate, they needed access to our homes, just for five minutes, but one neighbour didn't want them in his house, Walter! So now while the hole had to be filled outside of my house, it's temporary! It's all bumpy and rotten, it's hell trying to get a wheelie bin out over it! And Bord Gais are taking legal action to gain access to his house! My son, ten years old, asked me what Walter had to hide? At that point I started to get really nervous!

So this morning my son had gone to school and my daughter was in Montessori, there was just me, myself and the baby! So we were taking it easy, baby was having a nap, I had put turkey in the oven to roast, first hoovering of the day was done, so I went up topmy bedroom, turned on my Newton Faulkner CD, and lounging on my bed, opened my book! Next thing I heard some noise....digging, Walter was in his back garden digging, I crawled over to the window, I couldn't see enough, I could just see him digging, couldn't see what he was doing, he dug for about an hour, then there was a different noise, Filling in the hole I suppose? It was freaky, scary, but what can I do?

So there you go....that's my neighbour...Oh well there is one more thing I haven't mentioned yet, I live in a freaky little terraced house and there is a "crawl space" between my house and his....scared yet?

So the second bit of my post is to do with the picture, I was talking to my lovely BF over the weekend and we got onto the subject of student cards.....guess who I looked like on my first USIT card...yes that's right Hindley! So we were talking about the fact that any female killers are demonised more than male killers, why was she the one that the media focused on? Is that equality?


  1. Female killers are much rarer, women give life traditionally, where infanticide is far more likely to be practised by males (lovely gorillas do it to get new wives - the mothers! Not so lovely :( Bizarre!) blah blah.

    Neighbour story VERY freaky! What to do!?

  2. Ihave been sitting here rereading your post and I'm still scared. Keep posting or i will be worried as well. Women make more vicious killers they lose control.

  3. Is it very scary Midge. I worked with a woman who's sister lived in the US, who had a next door neighbour that she got on well with - the next day he was arrested for murdering his wife.

  4. That's the thing isn't it, when they interview serial killers next door neighbours they always say, he was a lovely man....not "well he loved to garden late at night and he was always covered in blood", I mean if it turned out that Walter was a SK, I'd be pretty screwed, if I hadn't mentioned it to the police it kinda makes me a wee bit guilty too doesn't it?

    He was actually out in his garden at 10.30 last night, I have no idea doing what, and I suppose I really don't want to know.

    The female killer thing is intresting alright, it's one of the nicer things about being a woman that we are less likely to hurt people, but if I did crack and kill someone I'd be judged so harshly (hee hee hee, unless I had PMT?)

  5. Ok it is a freaky story but at the same time intriguing.
    I reckon you dump the BF and start a relationship with Walt, find out whats really going on.

    Maybe its nothing at all, maybe his house is a mess, maybe he keeps aligators or something illegall but SK nah doubt it. He may well just be a private dude whose house really is his castle and he does not like the outside world.

    Possibly he is a vampire and cannot stand the daylight hence the night time gardening. Honestly I would reckon he has got some sort of disorder but really aint that dangerous.

    I would think he is good in bed too!!!

  6. On the topic of Hindley, and female serial killers, you should check out the movie Longford, starring Jim Broadbent. Lord Longford campaigned for years to get Hindley paroled on the basis that the sentence handed down to her was much more severe than a sentence handed down to a man would have been.

  7. Shan, It's always sex with you isn't it?

    He smells a bit and looks like the bin guy who was Hilda Ogden's lodger!

    Call me concited, but I think I can do better than a smelly neighbour!

    Lord Longford, that was his name, we were trying to remember who he was, I know she was treated more harshly, it's sexism I suppose?

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