Friday, April 11, 2008

All hail...

It's hailing heavy outside. I like hail, but mostly from behind a glass window, be it a building or my car. I also love snow. I've had a few friends lately from foreign climbs moan about having snow this time of year and wishing the summer would start. And I affirm through gritted teeth because I hate them for having snow and not appreciating it. Damn them. Damn you people with fancy weather. Daaammnnnn yyyoouuuuu!!!!


  1. You beat me to this post. I love the snow, it fills me with joy the same way drugs do drug takers.

    Still, on the plus side: no avalanches.

  2. maybe. I wouldn't say no to a small avalanche, or maybe just a mars bar.

  3. No. I was just dreaming of a mars bar at the time and consequently had one.