Saturday, April 12, 2008

I am so gonna get me one of these doormats!

Seriously, this is my life!

I don't seem to have any proper post material at the moment. I have no 49£ type opinions.

I was trying to come up with something, but all I have is where I'm at the moment.

My responsibilities are working from home, parenting, cleaning the house and cooking, in no particular order. And it's just too much for me. I can't summon the energy or organisational skills to do any of it properly - all the tasks seem to block out each other and I end up just avoiding the lot, sitting online all day and getting deeper and deeper in the mire.

No, no, people say, Jo, you should see my house - well, Ive seen your houses and you don't have rooms piled high with stuff so your children become lost in them, or a bedroom covered with dust and cobwebs and 90% of the families clothes. It's in dire straights, yet each day slips by without me doing anything about it.

I swear, I could happily just sit and read and write and eat porridge - perhaps I should grow a thorn forest around my house - oops, no, wait, there's one there already.

So what are the tricks? How do you housekeepers out there manage to motivate yourself? What should I do to change, or rather, become efficient.

This is really an Infantasia post but other than that, I've got nothin' for ya. I miss the 49£ posts, but as Milan says, it's hard to make the effort without any feedback or contributions.

What's going on? Should we all take an official holiday?

Speaking of which , that's the other think I've been thinking about - I would so so love to go to California and see my family - my beloved cousin is pregnant again and I still haven't seen her two year old! I'd be nice to go before my daughter starts school. Ideas on how I can get an extra 5 grand, please. I'm tempted to put a 'send Jo to California' paypal button on the blog. I wonder how far that would get me?

Right, that's yer lot. I'm not going to post again til there's at least six other personal posts up. Videos and links don't count.


  1. Jo you can't do that, there'll be nothing left.

    I think the paypal idea is a great one. Someone sent me a link before, actually I might as well turn it into a post.

    Re gaff clean up, I'm below par too. I think it's a case of either a) turning into superwoman b) getting a cleaner in or c) tuning your mind into being comfortable with the mess.

  2. I am comfortable with the mess, that's the problem.

    And while I've never been able to afford it, I've been musing the last few days, a cleaner might just be a necessity, alright.

  3. Haha! I've done Milan's a,b,c but in the order c), a), and now there will be b). If I just can be arsed to read and sign the contract on my kitchen table.

    Jo - sounds like you're a bit torn. Do you like it or not? Is there any room/closet/piece of the garden you'd most like to see sorted? You. Not anyone else.

  4. I hate it Dolly, but I'm incredibly tolerant of it nonetheless. I'd love for there to be some order and cleanliness, I just can't bring myself to do it!

    Did anyone see this weeked's IT magazine? There's an article about my housework syndrome in there! That's me!

  5. whoohooo! Contract now signed and on hopefully its way.

    Got myself thinking what would make ME feel better at home today and both hoovered the upstairs and the actually took down and scrubbed terribly dirty shower curtain. Too late though, dirt won't come out :(
    But at least I know it is clean :)