Friday, April 04, 2008

Childhood emotions

I'm reminded with all our recent nostalgia of the power of childhood emotions to seemingly trivial things. 2 in particular:

When I was small we'd go to Galway every year on holiday. Every day I'd walk 200 yards to the shop to buy a yogurt and crisps. And we'd go to the pub with our parents and run around and have a big bottle of red lemonade, and more crisps. The emotion I remember most is the liberty of all this, I wouldn't have normally been allowed go to the shop by myself, nor be in a pub; so it was all very special and free.

Material Joy
I'm slightly below par as a female when in comes to purchasing. I'm not mad into shopping. But I remembered the other night, the absolute joy I felt many years ago when Santy got me a ballerina Sindy. It really was the best thing in the world and having it made me very happy. It made me wonder at our consumer nature. Nothing material could make me that happy now.


  1. Good on you. I still find joy in material things - it's partly just in my nature, but also a bad habit. It often doesn't last long enough to make it worth it...

  2. I wasn't allowed a huge amount of freedom when I was a kid, my parents were quite paranoid. As for the joy in purchasing material things I find it fading very quickly the older I get. there were times when I'd buy barrowloads of books, CDs, DVDs. Now I'm trying to find my joy elsewhere.