Thursday, April 03, 2008

Double Birthday!

Forgive me if I am lax over my blogging for the next few days, my baby is one tomorrow (4Th April) and I am 35! Yummy, birthday in my house means chocolate cake for breakfast!

I am delighted that my son is one, it's been one hell of a year, and I see him being a year old as being a rite of passage, we all survived!

I am not so delighted that I am 35......I remember when my parents were 35! And they were OLD! I know I should look at my 34Th year the way I look at my sons first year. I began it giving birth (naturally) to a 9 pound 10 ounce baby boy! The year went downhill from there! I separated from my partner of 16 and a half years, who'd been my best friend since two days after my 16Th birthday when we met for the first time (we'd spent hours on the phone for weeks before that), My life changed in such a profound way, and I had to cope. I know I haven't always done too well at times, I've slipped into self pity and angst, but all in all I think I've done well, I'm not in denial as to what happened to me, it is part of my life but I am moving on with my life.

This year I learnt I was an exceptionally strong woman, a better mother than I'd ever believed and capable of keeping my head when I just felt like I was melting. I dated for the first time, scary, but fun. I met a lovely man, I fell in love for the second time in my life.... (that's a scary thought) I went away to a hotel for a (lets face it) dirty weekend with my new man....only ever been places with one guy before that!My children are getting to know my new partner and his children, I'm in a position I never thought I would be in....I would have thought if I was single again I'd just be single...forever!

So 34 was bittersweet, in one way it was the worst year of my life so far, hopefully it won't get worse than that, but life is a bitch! In another way it was a year of new beginnings and fresh starts.

Tomorrow I am 35, not even half my life over.....I am gonna live every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute and every second the best I can, we never know when it's gonna change and the rug will be pulled out from beneath us, even if it's a mundane boring rug, it's still what we know. In future if my rug is pulled out from beneath me it's gonna be a priceless vintage art deco rug of my own creation!


  1. Happy Birthday mrs. That's a lovely post. And I think you should be proud and thankful of the strength you've had to keep it going the last year. At the end of the day, life is a cynical bastard with too much time on its hands to mess with us.

    That said I'm feeling happy right now cause I went to see a lovely soppy rom com.

  2. A philosophy we should all try and live by :) Happy Birthday MW.

  3. Congrats, MW! A nice healthy number.

    You give those candles a good blow!

  4. You're so right MW. Happy Birthday! It's made me think again about keeping things for "special occasions". You've reminded me that the special occasion is today and now and there may be no tomorrow never mind a more special occasion.

    Cheers :-)

  5. Happy birthday MW! Hope you have a fantastic day. And by the way, belated happy "anniversary"!

  6. Congrats, and hope the cake is fantastic! (And you're YOUNG btw :)

  7. Happy birthday MW
    You think you'r old just wait till your 58 now that's old .Have a great time.

  8. happy birthday. best wishes for your 36th year.

  9. Guys thanks for all the good wishes, I had a busy weekend, so this is my first time online since Thursday!

    Thanks to everyone who came on Saturday, I had sooo much fun, and thanks for all the lovely pressies I was blown away! I am so impressed I managed not to cry!

    I did a wee bit of dancing (blisters on my feet from the new patent!)

    Friends are what it is all about, and to have the support of people I like and love in my life is more important than anything, to touch peoples lives and to have them touch yours is really special, and we take friendship for granted.

    Thanks guys, to those of you who were there, those of you who weren't in body but in spirit and to those commentors here I've never met but who have touched my life!