Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crash - the 3-minute Dublin version

Was in a taxi about a year ago and the conversation turned to immigration. My taxi man went off on a rant and was hilarious because he was such a stereo-type. But he told me this story that was very funny that was also like a synopsis of the film Crash....

He dropped off a punter at the top of Dawson Street, near Cafe en Seine end, and an overweight Nigerian woman came over and asked if she could use the taxi.

He said, sorry he couldn't cause there was a rank a few metres ahead and so he wasn't allowed take customers there.

She called him a bastard saying he was being racist against her.

He called her a fat cow and told her to get lost.

Classic. I'm still laughing now.

p.s. if I've told you this story before please excuse. My blogging memory isn't what it used to be.
p.p.s. I could fill 3 books with all the taxi stories I have.

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