Wednesday, April 23, 2008


So, in the not too distant future we are all expected to vote (yes) on the new EU treaty. Apparently it will make the whole workings of the EU "easier" or something. Hmmmm, well has anyone (reading this blog) actually read that treaty that we are supposed to rubber stamp. Well let's say we try to do so, oh that would be a bit difficult as its basically 1000 pages of legalese, i.e. fuckin' impossible to understand.

So we are supposed to believe the assurances of our FF/FG/Lab know-it-alls that its in our interests and that we should forget about really reading and understanding it. Well, that sounds like a con-job to me. If I am going to vote for something I want to know what the fuck it is I am voting for or else I will just vote against.

Another thing occured to me, what if the length/complexity/legalistic nature of the whole document is deliberate? What if the whole idea is to pull the wool over our eyes and sneak somehting by us with us being too fuckin' (excuse my language) stupid to notice. You know, I wouldn't be surprised. Funnily enough it is only us Irish who get to vote and the fate of the whole thing depends on us. Despite and indeed because of it being somehat obviously undemocratic that the vast majority of Europe will not even get a chance to vote on this we are in a priviliged position of being able to decide, for the whole of Europe, what happens. No wonder they mask the whole thing in confusion and hope we don't notice with assurances of how it will make things better....stop asking so many questions...just vote yes and go away please...etc...

Well I don't think so, we are NOT stupid, there must be a reason they are hiding the truth of what we are supposed to vote for. Probably cos if we knew what was involved we would just say yeah right, yiz must be jokin' and vote NO!!

I will find out more about this and try to keep y'all faithful blog readers informed.....


  1. Fair play Plas if you can figure out what the hell its all about I look forward to your finding cause I sure as hell dont get it.

  2. Same here. I know nothing other than there's a chance they might give Blair the job of President, which is enough for me to vote no.

  3. yep, will do my best to keep you all informed, from my own point of view of course!!

  4. That's great I'm so glad someone is going to try and understand it. It was discussed on TV 3 the other morning and there was the large document a medium one breaking it down a bit and a small one which was still quite large, where do we get these from, well I don't know.
    Nobody seemed to understand it not even the interviewers.

  5. Usually anything all the major political parties are for is something I'm immediately suspicious of by default. Anything almost no-one in Europe is being given the chance to vote on, triply so.