Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Did you miss me????

So got to the airport security Fri with printed boarding tickets in hand, only for yer man to say they were the passes for coming back, not going out. Went over to the Ryanair desk and she said that we were not checked in - cause I had tried to check in within the 4-hour limit earlier - and it was now 35 mins to flight deparure time. The desk woman initially said there was no chance of checking in but that she'd ask someone else, but a few minutes later she got some other blue clad lady to check me in - 25 mins to go at this stage. Thank God. In Ryanair terms this was an act of mercy of the highest order. I'm used to getting the stoney-faced pfo from them, like the time I ended up sleeping on a toilet floor in Stansted a few years ago (not very comfortable). Anyway, after the "praise hallelujia, we can get on the plane" we had to do the 2 mile sprint from security to the farthest boarding gate of the airport to catch the plane. Lost another stone and 3 years off my life there as well.

This airport malarky, I tell ye. I'm glad it's only the odd time I have to pass through them.


  1. Ok I must say I did miss you aswell, with all your moaning on facebook though mainly.