Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Romeo X Juliet

All quiet on Western front today, but you'll be glad to see my recovery therapy didn't last long and I'm back to full posting fever.

I chanced upon this Easter Sunday and ended up watching all 24 episodes over 3 days. A Japanese Anime version of Romeo and Juliet (distinctly differentiated on this occasion by the "x") that uses 10% of the Shakespeare play and dramatises the rest to great effect. I suppose I mustn't be so old-school cause I've no problem with sampling stuff like this.

I love the 95 Baz Lurman version of R&J because it was so pretty but this is as pretty, but using Anime. All the flowing hair and cloaks are fantastic. It's set on a floating island held together by a mystical tree , with flying horses, Montague as the evil dictator having murdered Capulet, and Juliet, in hiding, plays several characters including the vigilante Red Whirlwind. All the characters have Shakespeare names but different roles. Tybalt, unlike in the play, is very cool and dashing (he's the one in black on the horse). I swoon for him.

Here's the trailer:

And one of the trillion montages on youtube:

If you wanna watch it, I used anime6 and animegiant, and the elusive last episode on here and here.

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