Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Love Children........

........but I wouldn't eat a whole one!

I had an excursion to a play centre place today, you know the kind of place, loud and brightly coloured, the particular one is in Greystones, it is a lovely one, very nice for the adults and children, comfortable with nice sofas and actually nice food (I had some lovely tomato and basil soup) and the kids love it, although the super slide was closed today as it was too slippy!

Now there was my lovely boy friend and myself and six children.....I know, I know...six! So we settled down kids ran off and started to have fun, boyfriend and I enjoyed some nice coffee and amused the baby. Just as I was starting to unclench, one of the kids runs over crying, there was trouble, some kids were picking on them, going around punching kids, spitting, biting, throwing balls at them, pushing them! OK, so this is the real world and this kind of thing happens, so its "Stay away from that kid then, don't let him bully you, and stay together in a group" But a couple of minutes later another one of them ran over, then we actually saw the kid in question, throwing stuff at our what do you do?

My boyfriend, hopped up, went over and did a bit of giving out, the kid looked about 8 and he started giving back cheek to my BF, I mean he was 8!!! So while my boyfriend is standing there he starts throwing balls at my 4 year old daughter.....!!!! I got up, walked after him, with an "Oi!" I had been looking and I knew who he was with, a woman in a wheelchair.....did that stop me? What do you think?

So I followed him, he was running ahead, and when I got to her he was saying it wasn't was my brother, twin brother, she had them dressed the same, maybe so when this kind of thing happened it was impossible to tell who had done what. They were awful, I told her what had happened and she just shrugged her shoulders, "what can I do?"

Our visit was ruined by these kids, my friends daughter who was with us was hit in the head with a rope by one of them, she was actually marked! I was so angry, I have no idea how parents like that can bear to take their kids to public places, seriously if I was a mother of a child like that I would be mortified, I really wouldn't want to put myself in a position where I could be confronted from the parents of kids that my kid had hurt!

Ails did a post earlier in the week, talking about peoples lack of manners, and I am horrified by this, I have my own theory as to what has happened to society that has caused our acceptance of this kind of disrespectful behaviour, which I won't go into now, but it is really unacceptable, yet people do accept it!

My boyfriend was laughing, saying for someone who doesn't like conflict I had no problem approaching her, and she was in a wheelchair.....I mean I think maybe people leave her alone, ah her kids are brats but she's in a wheelchair, God love her! But isn't that the problem, isn't it what we all do, something happens, we are upset and angry but we just don't want any trouble so we don't say anything to the person making things difficult? But as my boyfriend pointed out there is one exception, if we are in our cars, then we feel safe, and we will beep or make hand gestures.

I am quite bad actually, I will confront people, strangers, if someone is exceptionally rude, pushing past me if I have stopped to let an elderly or infirm person pass me. I'm not a crazy lady but I do think that people should respect others. I have tried really hard to instill this in my children and I think it will make their lives easier, if they respect themselves and others. God maybe I am crazy?


  1. The trick is being assertive, not aggressive. If you have high self esteem, it's easier to calmly and firmly point out that there is behaviour that you will not accept. To be authoritive without beng antagonistic.

    My husband's thrown people out of his shop, or given out to them publically for rascist or sexist ebhaviour. I think that's great.

    Irish people aren't great at this. And now we've started complaining, but we haven't learned to do it well... htere seem to be so many people out there with a misplaced and arrogant sense of entitlement.

    But back to the bad old days - people who are to oshy to defend their children appall me! That's how all the abuse happened. 'Don't say that about Father Smith!'...

  2. I would never be agressive, I prefer to be more disappointed mother superiour!

    Of course we should believe our kids if they say they are abused, but if i see a kid hurt my child and I tell the mother why should she doubt what i'm saying? Why would I lie?

  3. This is where I go off an anti-
    PC rant. Children and incapacitated are vulnerable therefore they are above the law and can be rude and irresponsible without reproach. This is what happens when you give in to the pc nazis.

  4. Did she really not believe you, Midge? Or was she just not bothered?

    Milan, nobody has ever suggested wither of the above. Your anti PC rants are out of control!

  5. And MW, I love the image of you as mohter superior. What they don't know is that you're the kind with fishnets and garters on under your habit!

  6. Well MW I'm glad other people feel the same as me. I am so dissappointed with society at the moment but I'd better not get started.

  7. Jo I have actually done that, the night I met Mr pink, eight years ago....Good Friday! I know, I Know....I was young and unimaginative!

    Ails, at least you aren't living in Dublin, it must be better in the countryside, although I lived in a small village in Kildare, and people were still ignorant.

  8. I dunno this sort of shit scares me, disipline just does not seem to be there anymore for some kids, bring back the wooden spoon eh Ails.

    As for your wan in the wheelchair putting on the sad mouth really pisses me off, but what could you do!