Sunday, April 13, 2008


Did yiz hear about the 15 year old who died at the wk end in Tallaght after being hit by a strike of lightening - here. Mad stuff. You don't think things like this happen anymore. He was probably heading out to the shop for a bag of crisps, possibly Tayto. At the end of the day I'd probably prefer to be struck by lightening than be struck by a hit and run, at least there's a bit of glamour and history to it, but it's still tragic all the same.

On a similar vein, I can't wait for Hillery's funeral. You can't beat a bit of pomp and hype. I watched all of Haughey's last time.


  1. Isn't it terrible that a young lad dies after getting a smack of a bolt, Bertie's plane gets hit twice and the fucker survives.

    No justice in the world

  2. Do you think Bertie's asuper hero now?

  3. Aah poor Bertie. That money was only resting in his account.