Monday, April 14, 2008


....makes the heart grow fonder (proverb)

Hi folks,

It seems like ages since I as much as looked at the blog let alone post, it's been a fairly manic couple of weeks. I was away for a week in the States which instigated two weeks beforehand where I had no time to do anything but get all the shite done that I needed done before I went away.

America never ceases to amaze me for both positive and negative reasons, regardless of how many times you go. The size of the portions has been discussed time and time again on this forum so I won’t go into it again. What about the incessant annoyance they inflict upon you when you go into a shop, the young sales assistant positioned close to the door ready to pounce the minute you step over the threshold. I’ve had one experience where a shop assistant asked me why I hadn’t made a purchase – could ya imagine that happening in Arnotts? I’ve also a monumental pain in me hoop with people asking stupid questions about Ireland – do you have Guinness in Ireland? You really have Starbucks in Ireland? Are U2 popular in Ireland?

Anyway – plenty of work and book related news to relay in a dispatch later on today or tomorrow…


  1. Yay, Tib is back to. That would kill me if I got interrogated for noy buying stuff. It would make you buy something token just to get out without questioning.

  2. Welcome back dude. Please, more tales of stupid Americans :)

  3. It would not, Milan, it would make me say 'just looking' and then run speedily in the direction of out of the shop. Nerve of them!

    I have the best stupid American story. I must post it later, it's post worthy.

  4. Welcome back Tib. Look forward to hearing your news...

  5. I'd LOVE to answer questions like that "Why haven't you purchased anything?"