Sunday, April 06, 2008

Material un-happiness

I've been trying to post a reply to Milan's childhood joys. I admit I do feel some pleasure every now and then, when getting (myself) things. But it doesn't make my heart beat faster, my eyes water or anything really cool. I just like the feeling I get when thinking of what fun I'll have with it or more often what I will learn from using it. People and their actions is still what makes my heart skip a beat.

But I do buy things, but often it takes *forever* before I actually start using the things I buy. Like my new camera. Will bring it on a trip coming up May 1st and I'll be darned if I won't get through the most important parts of the manual by the end of May 4th...

Anyway, I just come across a site about the stuff we consume. If you haven't seen it, I recommend you spend a few minutes of your life there.


  1. Nice looking camera. I confess my attention span for that consumer video is limited as the subject matter is very familiar with no new solutions.

  2. Wonder about that kind of thing Dolly. Like when you throw part of your orange juice away, just how much effort from sun, plant, picker, packer, squeezer etc went into what you just put down the drain?