Thursday, April 03, 2008

More Board Games

In the late seventies and eighties we had a mobile home in silver strand. It was great for the kids they had their school friends , and then we went to wicklow for the whole summer.

There was no running water in the mobile so that had to be collected, outside loo and i won't go into that , days were spent on the beach early evenings playing rounders and then playing board games.

Every year we would buy a new game so we built up quite a large collection, one year we arrived down to clean and air the mobile to find we had been broken into and all our games were gone. We were devastated.

I still try and get a game at christmas and play it that night ,however i find that they all go on the computer and most games are solo so we all sit around looking at whoever is playing at the time, I even got the Buzz games so we could all play. They would all get bored after a while.

While i love the computer and computer games , I miss the laughs and arguments as we sat around the table playing the latest board game.


  1. Those sound like good holidays, ails. Love Silver Strand! It's fierce expensive to park now though, €8 on weekend...

    I have fond memories of Cluedo, Scrabble, even Ludo. And later on, Journey through Eurpope (oops, Europe - though small Catholics might enjoy 'Journey Through Your Pope', who knows?) and a quizzy one, can't remember what it was called. V educational!

  2. We play Rummikub all the time! Love it. We're also fans of Buzz...

  3. The DS has taken over my life as well as fourninepounds.Loved mousetrap as well and pictionary

  4. I like the look of that one that's like 3D pictionary - you have to do all sorts of things, even make clay models - I can't remember what it's called.

  5. Jo, they'd have to be very small Catholics indeed to make their way through the digestive system of his Excellency. Like that film Inner Space - the papal years. "small catholics" should be the new man hams.

  6. Ah the memories, forget about the board games those holidays were the best times ever. Wish to fuck we had kept the caravan going.

  7. I have many, many board games. But still, I'd give away them all for a copy of Journey Through EurPope! And Shan, of course it's a mobile home! Common people call them caravans. Tish. Played Operation with my little girl last night, she was in heaven and so was I.