Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My mother in law told me this joke

After a rigorous and challenging assessment, three trainee FBI agents, two men and a woman, are waiting their final test. The first is given a gun, and told to go into the room and kill the person sitting there. He goes in but comes out in tears after a minute - it was his wife, and he can't kill her. He hands back the gun and leaves forever. The same thing happens with the second man.

The woman is handed the gun and she goes in to the room. After a couple of seconds, three bangs are heard, and then some time elapses. The woman comes out, sweaty and breathing heavily, and hands the soiled gun back to the envigilator, who looks at her in alarm.
There was something wrong with the gun', the woman says, 'so I had to bate him to death with it'.


  1. Mmmm... I like this one. But the version I know she notices there are blanks in the gun, so beats him to death with the chair.

  2. IS your version in Swedish? I like my mother in law saying 'so I had to bate him to death with it' :)

    I like the idea of there being an Irish mammy division in the CIA.(Did I say FBI?)

  3. Sorry Jo but I've come across this a good few times already in different guises. It's funny how email jokes have cycles.

  4. Nah, sorry Jo, my version is an US one just to show off kick-ass women I think.

  5. Well, this wasn't an email joke for me, it was a mother in law one - that was the funny thing for me, rather than the punchline.
    I'm amused by women in their 50s/60s/70s talking cheerfully about murdering hteir husbands.

    I suppose that fact that everything flashes around the world inseconds means there's not much point telling jokes any more...