Tuesday, April 29, 2008

House Selling

Well I went into town today ,been in there a lot lately which is not very normal for me except for work , anyway this morning Eircom were working on the new wireing for broadband. I live that far up a hill that we are only getting it now so hopefully Iwill get online a lot quicker .

So I was in good form , got my hair done and then had a bit of time on my hand's so decided to pay my estate agent a visit , we had a good chat about the state of play regarding the house , the economy and where to go from here. Left feeling a bit more positive.

Met up with the husband and called into youngest son for a coffee , he made us dinner and we sat watching telly , he got a phone call from a friend who told him that a person he worked with had been up the hill and saw a house they liked , is'nt it strange weeks , even months go by and nothing and then somebody might be interested in our house I just wonder is it because of positive thinking or what.


  1. That happens doesn't it. Hope it pays off now. A friend of mine found out that a local estate agent has sold 6 apartments in his area in the last few weeks, while he's been 18 months with another agent getting nowhere so the agent probably makes a difference.

  2. I would recommend you spend as much time as you can picturing your house with a for sale sign, and you with a cheque in the bak and a smile on your face.. Visualisatoin sends messages to your brain, you start acting like it's already happened and you work towards it rather than away from it. Definitely worthwhile!

    Best of luck!

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