Friday, April 18, 2008


*tumbleweed rolls across the blog*

I wonder why? But I kind of know why. Some of you have been out of the country, some of you are travelling around the world, some of you have swish new jobs and are just too good for us these days, some of you are just boring bastards (that should get Shan irate enough to rouse him from his slumber!)

Or maybe this project is just winding down and reaching the end of its natural lifespan?

Controversial but possible. Discuss?

At least this poking will get Milan off my back. Jesus she's been texting and calling day and night for the last few days. I'm having to take her out tonight and get her drunk just to sedate her.

Anyway. Just an update on the letter writing project I started a while back. The brilliant Ash and I are two letters down the line at this stage and have a remarkable amount to talk about given that we don't really know each other. Actually I think that helps. It's like having an actual penpal. She's stumped up for Basildon Bond paper too so is making the effort ;)

Milan, Pinky and Dolly are all playing too at different speeds. I just got Dolly's the day before yesterday and it's more like a pretty explosion of information in a black envelope!! I can't emphasise how exciting it is to come home of a random evening and find a crisp, plump little envelope waiting for you with an actual communication from a friend in it! It's just lovely.

I now have three to write this weekend and am deliberately creating time to do so. It's actually very theraputic and peaceful, particularly if done with a mug of coffee and Lyric on in the background.

Thanks all :)


  1. What are ye like. Yes I've been hounding you but I'll have you know that after Midge's birthday me and the demon drink have parted ways for the time being.

  2. Letter writing is a great idea, I will send you one (via my solicitor)!

    Also you know we girls have been slogging away here, it's you blokes that have lost interest!


    We'll have to start trying to spice up the blog, romantic dinners for nine? sexy new backgrounds?

  3. Sure I'm fighting the god fight for the sisterhood! Yeah, solicitor "joke" was funny !

  4. Heh heh. Solicitor. Biting wit.

    It was hard writing in a vacuum, few comments, no posts... off putting. New writers needed! For a while I was writing here instead of on my own blog, and to neglect one there needs to be more pay off from the other, I find.

  5. No Jo, no more writers, we just need to get the porn flowing here to get the blokes back none of this tasty soup, and pencil porn bring on the dirt, trust me if I ran my what men really like post again they would return.

  6. So porn is your answer? It sounds like you're ovulating, Shan.

    I'd say your ma would love to read some of your dirty writing... !

  7. I'd love a new background but the last time I did yiz all gave out crap to me. Yes. "Joke" MW :P

    I think a new night out is on the cards and while we're always open to new writers I think it should only be those who show a passion for writing for us as usual.