Monday, April 07, 2008

The Ponse-maestro

Just come home from the pictures to witness David McWilliams in mid flow on Questions & Answers on RTE. To clarify at the outset, I find McWilliams to be THE most annoying Irish person in history. Why do they keep putting him on the telly? I don't care how great an economist he is it's his patronising lecturing tone and hand gesticulations drive me up the wall. And this is even more annoying when he's on a programme that's meant to be fast paced with opinions going back and forth - until he gets the mike and sucks everything into his ego.

After he droned on for 2 mins, saying what the average person would say in 20 seconds, you could feel Bowman and the panel and the audience thinking, kill me now but please shut the feck up. Or maybe that was just me.


  1. Sorry Milan I love the little red haired pixie!

    I mean L O V E......I love to hear people talk, maybe that's it? It's not always what you say but the number of adjectives you use to descride a noun that makes you interesting!


  2. I just think he's handsome and cute. :-)

  3. I saw him in Itsa Bagel with his wife and kids - gorgeous kids!

    he's a bit odd looking, I thought. Sorta froggy...

  4. what i hate about the ginger dude is the fact his surname is so damn close to my website name, little cock knocker that he is.

  5. Jealousy will get all of us nowhere. I'm sure the rest of the panel were equally fascinating Milan ;)