Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Over the last few month's US magazine "Out" has brought us the wit and wisdom of several gay icons including Joan Rivers and Dolly. This month, they've decided to let Roseanne ramble away...

"Judy's dead. Get over it."

"Tops? Bottoms? Why limit yourselves?"

"No, we don't want to hear how big it was."

"Are you sure you want the right to marry? Haven't you suffered enough?"

"The crystal meth thing has got to go. Leave something for the straight white trash."
For more visit Out magazine's website, www.out.com


  1. Not sure about that picture. She looks really wierd.

  2. Oh god, that's a PHOTO!!

    Well, I saw her talking about her plastic surgery - her father abused her, she looked just like him, and she saw her abuser's face every time she looked in the mirror. I suppose that's as good a reason as any to get plastic surgery.

    However, if you're going to get plastic surgery, I think getting good plastic surgery is of paramount importance...