Monday, April 14, 2008


....would you like taco fries with that?

I love the good ole Abrakebabra kebab, its full of shit you should not eat but its damn tasty!

Imagine my horror about a week ago when myself and Idiot went to our 3 weekly kebab lunch in Abra's on Baggot Street to find the price had gone up by 1 euro 60cent.

The Polish staff in Abra's on Baggot Street know me quite well due to my huge consumption of Kebabs and could not explain the increase to me, this time last year a kebab meal cost 7.80 that went up about 5 months ago to 8.20 it now costs 9.80 for the same shit. Rip of kebabland.

The really anoying thing was that as myself and Idiot sat down waiting for our meal, we decided it would be our last supper there, then we were called for our food and I had to complain cause not only was I ripped off but the kebab must have had only 3 strips of the meaty goodness inside, I was disgusted.

Anyhow I miss the kebabs but there is no way an increase of 1.60 can justify me been a consumer there anymore, right Im of to burgerking any takers?


  1. Shan, I have the light at the end of the tunnel. Zaytoon on Camden Street and Parliament Street. I never liked kebabs before but it's a top spot particularly late, late on of a night.

  2. True Zaytoon is lovely, but nowhere near our end of town. Up until last year we had one of the best eateries in town - Layla's next to the Pembroke - a Turkish restaurant that did cheap friendly lunches with seriously lovely food. But then it closed down. Sigh.

    Long ago I used to frequent said Abra but haven't gone there in years.

  3. I love Zaytoon. And I taught the most goreous Iranian guy who was friends with them and would go work there on the weekend.

    The poor guy had all these racy Dublin adventures foisted upon him. He looked like a persian prince, long hair, muscley, HUGE black eyes, and once he went to the George by accident... they must have thought it was Christmas!

    And he said one night when he was making kebabs, two girls appeared at the back door and flashed their boobs at him. And he also witnessed a late night outdoor blowjob on the way home.


  4. Oh how I hated the nights when you boys would come in late with an abrakedabra. The smell would last ages in the house, now just the mention of that place makes me heave.

    Is my punctuation getting better.

  5. Well, Abrakadabra needs a capital, that last comma could have been a full stop, and you need a question mark for the last sentence.

    Never ask that question with me around. I'm a compulsive corrector.

  6. Have you seen the Abrakebabra rip off in Fairview? It's called Abrakerbarama or something, looks the same but tastes shite...

    ...does that imply that Abrakebabra doesn't taste shite?

  7. There's degrees of shite when it comes to all things.

  8. The name of that place still cracks me up. It's just excellent. And Jo adding the black twist on top of that is like brilliant hot tomato sauce.