Friday, April 18, 2008

Short post: perpendicular seating - all the rage.

For at least 15 years I've been a perpendicular seating arranger; i.e. when eating in public at a table with another, I like to sit at a right angle to them and not opposite. It stems from having a low voice, as I can be heard better from the closer distance. I thought it was a me thing but I think it's getting quite popular cause I'm seeing it a lot more.

As an aside, for many years perpendicular was and sometimes still is, the only word that comes to me first in Irish before English. That's what I got from maths in school, or mata, if you will. And the word is ingéarach.

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  1. Oh, nice word. Mine's iargúlta, or some spelling to that effect, remote. - could I remember it in my oral? Nope, couldn't even come up with the word for place! Ended up saying plás!! Scream!!