Friday, April 18, 2008

More letter Writing

If I knew where to write to i would .

Iwent to boarding school and letters were our only way of knowing what was going on in the outside world. Now there was a problem the nun's read our letters first. As you can imagine we would tell friend's not to write anything too bad.

There was one girl from Cuba who had to deal with two forms of censorship, the nuns and the Cuban government her letters would arrive with pieces cut out of it.

Oh we had to wear navy knickers in the bath ,do I get a fluffy badge. It would kill shan.

Sorry I hav'nt been posting but life is boring at the moment and I am working a lot . Promise I will try harder


  1. Sorry Ails, I can't give you a filthy badge...pants in the bath, that's really messed up isn't it?

  2. ah jaysus Midge you are been a bit harsh now. Right time for the pron.

  3. Pron and playonly, what is the world coming to.

  4. meany
    in my day we were too scared to be filthy or fluffy