Monday, May 12, 2008

Another good weekend

Had a lovely weekend , went up to Kildare Village on saturday with my daughter.

Place is really lovely. Some nice clothe's shop's for young people and size's are a bit small for me. The handbag's were devine I love the smell of leather, but the best thing there were the household shop's I just wish my house was sold cause then I could go mad.

That night we called into younger son's house really just for a cup of tea but ended up staying till after twelve great night chatting and listening to music. We were recalling song's from their childhood and ended up asking what song's we would like for our funeral's , sound's grim but some of our choice's were hillarious.


  1. You should tell us a few. We did a post on this years ago.

  2. Well it started with me saying I wanted "That's what friend's are for"
    Shell want's Dionne Warwick's "i'll say a little prayer for you" so apt first word's The moment I wake up before I put on my make up . If you knew Shell you would know what I mean.