Monday, May 12, 2008

Is it in-breeding?

We've frequently marveled at the interconnections between people in Ireland. Seemingly random connections occur everywhere, discrediting any chaos theory and instead just proving that it's a small world (after all, repeat).

My wife and I, through separate channels, got to know someone pretty well. She through online activities, me through work with schools. Totally different paths, yet we ended up intersecting. How funny.

Then, this morning, it got ridiculous. At our son's school, another parent there knows him, too. They, in fact, have known each other since they were young out in West Cork when his family would go there for holidays and she happened to live nearby. They've been friends for more than 20 years.

So perhaps the Central Statistics Office is playing with the numbers and the population is perhaps much smaller than previously suggested.

Ireland should have the Three Degrees Of Any Irishman to supersede the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. :-)


  1. Isn't it seriously spooky when that happens? It's happened to me a couple of times but in those cases I've kinda put down to having a large family or a slighty different surname i.e. that everyone in this country knows some member of my family somehow...

  2. I remember years ago - like 93 - being at a 21st in Bray and chatting to some random guest and after a few minutes conversation we found 7 separate connections.
    It's the Irish thing to do after all, make connections.

    Another girl I know, has separately worked with 3 of my siblings over the years - and they all work in different fields.