Saturday, May 03, 2008

Another other world....

I've just done something which is very decedant, something I love, and something you will all be jealous of, but think it's a waste of time at the same time

- I've woken after (over) twelve hours sleep.

The last thing I remember dreaming is someone telling me that the phrase "have a family" is used in popular culture for taking your clothes off, pointing to Prince's Kiss "You don't need to watch Dynasty, to have a family." I know that's not the right lyric but dreams were never rational.

I have another interesting dream story from a few months back. In the real world there was a new bloke in work who's name I could never remember, it just wouldn't stick. Then I had a dream I was at a work do, was worried that I was gonna get caught out not knowing yer man's name and so asked a friend of his and he told me his name - which in the real world was his actual name. Clearly the name was still somewhere in my sunconscience despite me never being able to remember it.


  1. It's not a waste of time, you obviously needed it! Ah I love sleep.....

    But as for the dreams're just mad! ;-)

  2. Sunconscience. That's the brighter part of the brain is it?