Friday, May 02, 2008

Idiot-------------------- trauma

As you can imagine I had my fair share of trauma's rearing three boy's and a girl.

Idiot was a month premature , i'd say it was the one and only time he was early however I got no sleep for six weeks as i was told to feed him every couple of hour's so of course in my innocence I woke him during the night, when I went in for our checkup I was told idiot was doing great but they were worried about me, all I needed was sleep.

When he was older we had a dog and it was idiot's turn to feed her so out he went and cut his finger on the tin, of course idiot being idiot he ran into the sitting room brandishing his hand around so the blood went everywhere. we had to go to A&E to get stitches.

A few week's later Shan and Idiot were playing superman of course I think Idiot really thought he could fly, but landed on his head so again ended up in A&E for more stitches.

When he was a teenager he was riding his bike down the hill to our house and went over the handlebar's came in told me he had fallen but it was only a small fall , ended up he had concussion and was in hospital for a few days . Guess what !! king rat Shan told me he was riding the bike with no hand's funny the other kids did'nt have anything much happen to them.

I have come to the conclusion that Idiot and I are quite similar, which is probably why he got away with a lot.


  1. That's funny. I've had the bike falling thing, when the mudguard got caught in the wheel but no serious injuires. Had a big shock few years ago when I got run over by another bike on Pearse St, by luck the lights hadn't turned and there was no traffic, otherwise yer man who ran into me would have been toast.

  2. Hi Mummy.
    David was/is the clumsy one but you forgot to mention Alan was the most beautiful who was never bold and never got into trouble just like now but even more beautiful with age.....
    Your loving D.In.L...

  3. Shell beauty's in the eye of the beholder.