Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Bank Holday

Well another Bank Holiday has come and gone.

I was working on Saturday and Sunday , it was quite busy so not too bad . My daughter came over on Monday morning and took me down to Wicklow to see my mother, we went to Mount Usher for lunch the Avoca restaraunt. Food is really lovely and the desserts are simply the best but i was so full.

After that we went to my sister's and had a bit of a laugh with a few drinks . Shan was on to us to call into him in Bray which is a bit out of the way as we come home the back way through small towns and country roads lovely scenery. I hate that motorway and the Red Cow roundabout is a disaster.

Anyway to cut a long story short it was lovely to see mrs Shan and baby Shan but all I saw of my eldest son was his back as he decided to show us a game on his ps3 , sometimes I don't know why I bother . Just another boring post from someone who has very little excitement in her life


  1. Ails it's always good to hear what people are up to, never mind how trivial it may seem. I was out every night over the week end but life and sessioning hasn't been the same since I had to give up the caffeine.

  2. Sorry I missed you in Bray mum. Unfortunately I had to disarm a bomb and save 7 goats from a burning barn in my ever so exciting life :D

  3. thanks milan
    I don't feel so boring now . But compaired to my SAS type son I think I will join the TA

  4. I don't think it's boring, I think it's just ordinary - I'd count that as a good day, personally! - what more would you have asked for, some scuba diving? :)

  5. it's ok we love you aileen.....
    your very beatiful son and his wifey.....yes wifey.

  6. Oh my god have you got married without telling me. Just because I got shell a Tshirt with Williams NO1.
    does'nt mean she's one of us.

  7. Alan - nice to hear from you, and your new lady wife.