Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Text flirting......

Well there I was busy minding my own business when I get a text from the lovely Milan....

The first text was fine, just a query to which I responded in my normal non committal manner.

The reply was a bit interesting though.

*So do you work out*

Well, what can I say......


  1. Yes, I pretended it was a mistake but really the question has been on my mind for months.

    You still haven't answered?

  2. Thankfully I have been blessed with an amazingly skinny body. Not slim. Skinny. This means that no matter what way you look at it I am an immensly muscely man.....Dad blessed me with his metabolism so no chance of putting on weight, beleive it or not this is not a good thing for blokes. So yes some of the large muscles may in fact be ribs but who cares, its the overall effect that matters.

    So Milan in answer to your question.

    Only sexually :D

  3. Idiot so like your father (in his youth) but you know what people talk about women 's figure's heading south so do men's

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  5. Idiot seems to be suggesting he lifts weights with his... hmm, it's too early in the morning over here to say *knob* but I know what's expected of me.

    A future in the Jim Rose Circus!

  6. I got the same post off RP.........................

    I smell a plot