Saturday, May 10, 2008

I am a backpacker, feel free to hate me

Hello there, you might not remember but I did frequent this place not so long ago. I have been travelling around for about 2 months now, rarely know what day or date it is and have taken to telling the time of day by the position of the sun because watches are so unhip. Well, the real reason is that I bought one for $10 and it keeps very bad time but hey it was made out of coconuts and looks pretty.

I have survived swimming with pythons (!!), more flies than the kids from the concern ads have and a night in a 'hostel' which was quite literally a refuge for the mentally/socially challenged of the area. I can still hear the screams....well okay, it was more incoherent ramblings but you get the drift. It hasn't all been so exciting though and most of my days are spent lounging around in hammocks reading dodgy books, trying to find the cheapest food/beer in town and talking to my fellow travellers who I am slowly beginning to despise. Lovely.

Currently I am sitting outside in a hostel common area, watching some dreadlocked hippy types rolling joints, listening to Nirvana (not by choice but I haven't heard Nevermind in a long time so it's nice) and drinking tea I found abandoned in the kitchen. Everything always tastes better when it's free.


  1. VD - this post had everything, it's my favourite of yours, and not just cause I was out on the piss tonight.
    a) I'd really like to see said coconut watch, b) pythons??, c) i'm amused by your slowly despising fellow travellers. There's only so much "where have you been" type traveller talk that one can take.
    Hurry back soon. We want have fun with you in person, right now.

  2. Great post voodoolady. Nice to hear from you.

    It sounds to me like you may be home soon! Come home before you despise your fellow travellers completely!

  3. Sounds brilliant my daughter travelled for 5-6 months a few years ago and still talk's about it.

  4. We very much miss you VoodooLaddy! More please!