Saturday, May 10, 2008

Reunions are fun but scary

In 49 minutes I'll be meeting people of which some I haven't seen in over 20 years. At first that seemed like fun, and then it was like we've never been parted, but now I'm a bit scared. And warm (I might come back to that later).

25 years ago I was part of a large crowd enjoying music, coffees, teas, beers, music festivals and a participated in demonstrations every now and then. We were punks. Not all of us looked like it, but in one way or the other we had common interests. We've managed to hook up again much thanks to the internet. First via a Yahoo-community and then when FB came along it was all of a sudden almost online communication.

Wasn't sure why I was scared at first. Thought it might be that I weigh 20kgs more, had wrinkles but then I realized that most of us look like that so why should I be any different. Now I've realised that I'm scared of meeting up cause it might show that we are now not only fatter, more wrinkly and older, but we've become average Joes with boring lives and no ideals left.

It will be very sad if that's true.


  1. Ideals are overrated. You don't need them.

  2. Did the school reunion thing a few years ago. Decided it was not really my thing I did'nt recognise some people, and a lot of it was trying to be better than everyone else so did'nt really get involved. Hope yours goes well.