Thursday, May 15, 2008

Never USE your phone, Mr. World Traveler Guy

My recent trip to the US went really well, even though I certainly missed my family. While in California, I used my mobile phone to happily talk to people there in the States and also folks back here at home. It was a sum total of about 68 minutes, including calls both sent and received.

Thanks to the incredible rates from Vodafone, I got a bill today showing that cost me a nice €96. For about an hour. Fuck that.

On the plus side, if I'd not used Skype for most of my longer chats with home, I'd be in really deep doo-doo. Lesson learned, Mr Vodafone Man.

Next time, I'll use MAXroam.


  1. I thought text's were the same as here. Do you still have to pay for received calls. diplorable

  2. Atreus, can you do me a favour and summarise for me what that maxroam is about. I too spend a fortune on my phone - even without having the internet, and calls and texts abroad are mental so any way to reduce them without too much hassle would be good.

  3. Can you call around the world with your cell phone if it is a world phone quad band?

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