Thursday, May 15, 2008

A 49£ Fairytale

Once apon a time, in a land far far away, there lived a simple people in a small village.

They had simple lives and simple needs. They picked lima beans and got on with their normal happy lives.

But the one thing that brought tears to the little children of this village was the voice of their strict Overlord. He was sometimes nice and sometimes harsh, but nonethless he ruled over them with an iron fist.

After many years of oppression and sacrifice, a young warrior rose to defend the rights of the village folk and she quickly gained support. Although early efforts at rebellion were quickly crushed, our warrior battled on to bring down the evil Overlord, and gained some victories, but the Overlord was clever. ..

..too clever to let some young upstart steal the power he worked so long to maintain. In a cunning disguise of benevolence, the Overlord reconstituted his kingdom , appeasing many of those who were unhappy with his realm.

But not before long, the iron first of the Overlord was felt again in the policies of his new Prime Minister.

The people looked again to the young warrior. But what they did not know was that their young warrior was as hungry for power and dominance as their Overlord. There was nothing she would not do for glory.

And so the civil war lived on.

Never finding resolution.

Never finding hope.

The simple village people lost faith in ever finding a way out of the darkness.

And then, by a gift from the heavens above, a new presence entered this far far away land.

A force that would unify them.

A power that would bring peace.

An energy that would melt the desires of the rebellious; kill the lust for battle; and turn the iron fist of the Overlord into a soft touch.

That power, was the power of the Geek.

All revelled in the power. Rulers and subjects alike were content in the presence of this peace giving might. They marked themselves out with the motto of this power and chanted every day to the mantra:

"Geek is Good"

And in this new found peace, they all lived happily ever after.*


* for now....


  1. Yay! Geek is indeed really, really good! I have been wearing mine ever since.....aaahhh I'm so proud. :-)

  2. The Power of the Geek is strong in these ones!

  3. Darren, do you truly deserve a geek badge. Do you have the power of geek in you. That's the question we all have to ask ourselves.

  4. Hello Darren, lovely to see you here!

    And Milan while that is a lovely story and one of the finest post committed to here in a long day, one of those badges is on my boob and thus you are infringing my intellectual copyright.

  5. Milan, perhaps you are right! I may not have what it takes - I am a very cool person. Millions take their lead from me. I am a fashion guru and an inspiration to many. Some say Samuel L Jackson is the King of Cool, but they are wrong - it is me!