Thursday, May 01, 2008

Tinfoil Helmet

I had a chat conversation with my 27 year old brother last night. It seems he's become a bit of a conspiracy theorist. I said I could envision him locked in a room, online, wearing a tinfoil helmet before long, but to be honest his little gems of paranoid info seem horribly, creepily convincing to me. He's sending me unsettling links as I type!

Who really engineered 9/11... single world government is the goal of the new world order. It was a Rothchild who started the EU, they run the world's banking system, the Rothchilds who set up Israel... scary! And for some reason, this really creeped me out too - when I asked if he was a Michael Moore fan, he said it's suggested he was really on the other side, he's just distracting us with minor issues, while the real underground goverment of the US get on with their nefarious business!

Part of me scoffs, and the other part of me is deeply unnerved by it all. The question is what to do about it - he plans to make a film, but I'm not sure that will actually have any effect. Should we just keep living our lives and not think about it? That wouldn't make much difference to thinking about it, obviously.

Anyway, you may all be sceptical, in which case, he's looking for an unbeliever to convince, if anyone's in the mood for some paranoid debate...

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  1. I don't like to think too much about the conspiracy theories because there is nothing you can so about it. Some must be true. There's reams of that stuff on the net.