Thursday, May 01, 2008

The other 49£ blog......

The other day I chanced upon the drafts page of our blog. I never realised that it was there, or that there was so many draft posts saved there. There was a few of mine that I don't even remember writing, well after a few reads I remembered. Although a few are drafts of material that went on the fulfill their dreams of being real-life post, many are ones that never made the big time. So it's like an alternative 49£ blog going back to last July!

There's jokes from Atreus, random pictures by Jo and MW, and the beginning of some interesting posts by Tib, GB, Voodoo and Conformist that I'd like to see the end of. And there's even a token lenghty breast-feeding draft - it wouldn't be the same if there wasn't.

So in the quiet days of us, it's something to pass the time.


  1. We can read eachother's drafts? Really? I thought they were only for whoever wrote them...

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