Saturday, May 10, 2008

Women's Magazines.....

I don't read "high brow" women's fashion magazines. They just bug me. All that "advice" on relationships and "How to" stuff along with extremely expensive clothes just leaves me annoyed. They're so up their own arses about absolutely everything and just too damn perfect for me.
(I do, however, love Heat and Now and the super trashy stuff. I love celeb gossip even if it's all wags and Posh spice, I love it.)
But in the hairdressers the other day I was handed a copy of Cosmopolitan and proceeded to flick through. Everything I remembered about those type of mags was there, all that astrology stuff, how to shag and keep a bloke, how to spend too much money on clothes, how perfect and super celebs are. But there was one little nugget of wisdom I quite liked. I think the jist of the article was that they had asked 5 successful women about how to change your life for the better. I couldn't see anything of interest in anything they said except for one, so here is the basic headlines of what she said (and of which I agree/ aspire to);
1. Get up early. I like this idea of attacking the day!
2. Go with your Instincts. Really agree with this, I should do it more often.
3. Action i.e DO something about the things you wish to change.
4. Network. ??
5. Passion. Obvious that one. It's good to have large doses of passion in anything you do isn't it?


  1. 1. Get up early - All wrong.
    2. Go with your Instincts - not sure, moreso I'd say no.
    3. Action - too much effort.
    4. Network - 100%, I already do this.
    5. Passion - It's what we live for but a fucking pain at the same time.

  2. The above comment? Heh, Ais.

    Red magazine is quite good. It's more focused on the needs of working/stayathome women and a lot of stuff about how to do both, I think it's identified it as the pressing concern of the day. More realistic focus about sex (or less sex drive) in longterm relationships than how to give blow jobs... Cosmo is totally for 15 year olds now.

    Eve is ok too, but a bit more sensationalist, which I don't like.

    I bought Psychologies when I was pregnant and didn't understand a word of it. I'm too scared to look at it again in case it wasn't just the pregnancy, and my stupidity is terminal!

  3. Five things I do and wish I didn't:
    - Not as early
    - Not as quickly
    - Not as much
    - Not as frequent
    - ...passion. Hm, couldn't go without it.