Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wow just remembered I did this

This was made quite some time ago about a year and half ago actually and I only just found it again, forgot I had it on youtube.

This was done on our way from Bray down to see Ails and Grandad in Carlow, it was my first attempt with the video camera and my first attempt editing it, god its amazing how much Shan Jr has grown in all that time. She enjoyed watching it herself tonight.


  1. ah did'nt load for me dissapointed.

  2. got it my god not only has rebecca grown but the speed mrs Shan was travelling wasw even more scary.

  3. yes it was mine and shells car. she has gotten so big though.and yes i think mrs shan is a lunitic in a car!!!!!!

  4. Mrs Shan - you and I must be kindred spirits because I too am a driving lunatic. It is the only place in life where I'm 100% confident and full control and power. The driving stories I have I will share one day.

    PC at home broke & can't see the video here sorry, will do later hopefully.