Thursday, May 22, 2008

Techie geeks, help!

Right techie people, a quick one. Midge has been experiencing problems with her ability to comment recently and it's driving her round the bend thus I thought I'd throw it out there. One of us is bound to have the answer.

When she goes to comment, either here or on her own blog, the window opens as usual, you type in the comment, press the publish button and then... Nothing. It just simply refuses to do anything. I've tried my darndest to figure it out but my knowledge is limited. It's a desktop a few years old, it used to work fine up until recently. I've run a virus scan with Norton, no change.

Any ideas? In plain English?


  1. Is she using Internet Explorer as her browser? Try downloading Firefox and see if it succeeds on the Publish button. In the past there have been issues in the blogger Javascript tickling things not yet implemented in Internet Explorer.

    You could also solicit help in the Blogger Help Group, where they've had previous discussions about Publish button problems.

  2. I've consulted the powers that be (my boyfriend, techie geek supreme) and he said the reason may be:

    - Old browser without proper javascript capabilties
    - Ad blocker on certain anti virus software
    - Slow internet connection

    Not sure if that will help any though.

    He is a devotee of Firefox, so if you're using IE maybe time for a change?

  3. Like what has been said above I would highly recommend that firefox is downloaded promptly and Internet explorer is forgotten about. For nothing else other then its a better browser by a long shot then IE.

  4. I'd go to blogger help and type the problem in. There's forums, its' sure to have happened to someone else, and people go on and tell you what to do...

  5. Sorry (haven't looked too long or hard) but it seems others have been reporting the same issue. Found this:

    No comment on how to solve the problem. Issue logged 27th of April 2008.

    Unfortunately the Trouble reports don't say what OS or browser is being used.

    Do try Firefox, I believe any error messages from Blogger will be easier to spot and might give some clues to what the underlying cause is.

    Last: I assume MW has tested to comment from some other computer and found it working? I know it is extremely far-fetched but sometimes user profiles may get FUBAR.