Saturday, June 07, 2008

Another Pound in the Pot

The lovely people at For Nine Pounds have been kind enough to allow me to hijack a small piece of their Blogberry Pie, but I am at a loss to know what I could add to this diverse Group Blog. But I will try my best and I thank you all for welcoming me in.

A relatively new convert to the blogosphere (being that I've been posting for little over three months), I have no concept of etiquette, rules, or whose toes I may be stepping on...and I'm fine with that. It's nice to feel free to do and say whatever I like (I've censored myself for far too long).

Today, my own blog died (or went asleep for a while, at least). I've got cgi errors all over the place, so I'm ignoring the problem and hoping it will go away. It does provide me with an opportunity to write my first blog post over here though, so that's convenient (I smell sabotage).

So, as I sit here, listening to Alanis Morissette's new album, I wonder if I can make it home tonight after the Radiohead concert and download and watch tonight's episode of Doctor Who before I collapse of exhaustion. You see, much as I'm a Radiohead fan, I adore Doctor Who and I am furious with myself that I'll be missing tonight's episode, a follow on from last week's nail-biter.

I am really looking forward to the concert though. A friend of mine, Andrew, text me during the week to say he had spare tickets, so Lottie and I will be joining him and his better half tonight. I'm actually going to abandon Alanis for a while to listen to a bit of ancient classic Radiohead. Listening to The Bends always brings me back to 4th year in school (maybe even just the summer holidays that year). It was a time when I was making friends for the first time, girls were starting to look at me with something that did NOT resemble disdain and queasiness, I had discovered something that I would later learn was 'confidence' and life was, at last, starting to take an upward turn. Many people at the time described Radiohead's lyrics and music as depressing and angst ridden, but I only ever felt good and happy listening to Thom York's screechy falsettos.

It's still, to this day one of my favourite albums and I usually 'rediscover' it about once a year. 26 is perhaps far too young to be nostalgic, but I don't care, I love the youthful feelings the music stirs in me. I'm a very different person now to what I was back then. I like me a lot more now and I think those around me far prefer today's Darren, but still, the latter end of the nineties began a wonderful journey for me and I will only ever remember it fondly.

So, lurkers, commenters and other posters, do you have an album, an old piece of music, you like to stick on every now and then that you can drift away to and remember a different time, a different place, a different you?


  1. Dude, welcome to the blog! Hope you enjoy your time here on for nine pounds! I only recently joined myself. Went to the Radiohead gig last night myself with my lovley girlfriend and thoroughly enjoyed it, especially with their revamped "Everything in its right place".

    Can't wait to see the new Dr. Who episode tonight. I used to watch Dr. Who when I was a kid and now am completely hooked again. The last episode was a real nail biter:-)

  2. Oh, do you know where I could download Dr. Who episodes:-)

  3. Oh, so much music.

    MBV's Loveless, and the Cocteau Twins, bring me back to about 15/16, late at night, and remind me of one particular friend.

    And Revelate by the Frames really makes me remember what it efels like to be young, and dancing. Sigh.

    And pretty much most of the Cure, but Disintegration is madly evocative, of walking along a beach in Kerry, with my walkman on (I know, so old) all wild and dark and windy - every time I heard it it would suck me back there, as if a part of me was actually bi-located to the dark dunes. Weird feeling.

  4. Radiohead are over my head.

    Didn't know Alanis has a new album. Must investigate.

    Daz there's lots you need to learn about our world but I'm going to set you a quiz to see how much you know?

    What is the chief employment of 49£ers?

    What is the name of the universe we work in?

    What type of hams do we like?

    What is SL's most common name?

    What is the most tabboo subject on 49£?

  5. Welcome Darren, I'm a bit of a blow in myself and still don't know why I'm here!

    MA - I think I need to study up - know only 3 answers to those Q's.

  6. Welcome D! (You get to be D as I see myself as d.)

    Nice to see you here and hope you'll stick around eventhough the wicked witch of CGI errors now has lifted the harmful spell.

    I thought I posted a welcome yesterday, but I suppose your question on music through me off. I'm half way lost in music memories again as I'm typing this.

  7. I like others never got the whole radiohead thing, as for music I occasionally put back on to make me feel young, nothing beats a biut of trash or death metal, I always go back to metallica before they went all girlie or Stormtoopers of death, but more often tori amos is the one lady I always find myself listening too, I have her full discography on my Ipod, many many hours of enjoyable listening.

    By the way we are neither lovely or kin, mwhahahahahaha, I love the way we give off that false sense of security!

  8. kin was meant to be kind, whoops a daisies, see theres more "oh look shan is nice" sort of shit!

  9. @Plasmonic Thank you for the welcome. I download via Azureus and get Torrents from either or usually.

    @MA You big meaning, testing me like that. I'm not going to do well at all. Jobs-wise, I think you're all professional chefs. Your universe? Eh, um, eh, The Cyberverse? I dunno! Hams? Surely you all prefer Spam? Em, SL's most common name is Something Living, no? And Taboo subects - there are none, but if there was it would be Donkey Porn? Maybe? Or is that acceptable?

    Thank you everyone for the welcome and I KNOW you're lovely.

  10. you have much to learn young padawan!

    now go back and read through all the archives!

  11. oooohhhh I have been remiss.....sorry buddy, welcome to the nuthouse

  12. @Idiot Where the inmates have taken over the asylum, yeah?