Sunday, June 08, 2008

I would marry this man for his hair..

Comedian John Lynn. I lust for him.

His hair is from the heavens above. What I wouldn't do to have a go at running my hands through it (more general eccentric fetish than lust really).

Sometime you see someone who changes your perception of beauty. Ever since coming across John Lynn 2 years ago I find facial hair way more attractive. Funny how that happens. Back in the grunge days it was all about the long haired rockers, etc.

Anyway, Christmas Eve before last he was just across from me in Toners with a pretty lady who I recognised but to this day can't place.

I giggled to myself at the close proximity of one so pretty.


  1. Jaysus he in my job all the time and the girls upstairs adore him I along with other blokes here just dont get it.

  2. You sure you wanna marry a screamer?