Monday, June 09, 2008

At last positive news of the Iphone

WWDC or worldwide developers conference, was on this evening in the states, this is normally where we find out what is going down in the land of apple. Steve Jobs the man in charge gives a keynote speech detailing what Apple has in store.

Obviously the big rumour that was banging around before the speech was a 3G version of the much acclaimed Iphone. Steve did not fail to deliver.

The 3G Iphone will be available from July 11th, the amount of countries has increased also (yes Dolly you can get one at last) and even better news is that the 8 gig version of the phone will have, according to Steve, a maximum price tag of 199 dollars, thats 127 euro!!!

the 16 gig 3G version will cost a maximum of 299 dollars that 192 euro, thats compared to 399 euro for a 2G version!!! so I was correct to hold off thankfully, but trust me come July 11th I will be purchasing without fail.

Its even got GPS on it!!!

Its a no brainer everyone will be purchasing this on July 11th get your order in quick!!!
More info on this amazing phone can be seen at this web page


  1. Awh, I'm still in doubt. Its too big! And I haven't even re-installed iTunes after my PC broke down. And that's two PCs ago. Hate that they convert the files. Bah!

    ...but I know it is beeeaaaaauuuutiful! We wants it.

  2. Well I am defo getting the 16 gig now dont care about 18 month contracts etc etc, I wanted to wait for the 3G version and my bestest pal in the whole wide world has delivered.

    And its not to big for a mini mac!!!!

  3. I should convert but my Apple phobia stands strong.

  4. Dont convert yet I have another post to put up today explaining how rip off Ireland is indeed still going.

    After my last statement of I am defo getting one I am reconsidering signing up with those tossers at O2