Monday, June 09, 2008


I'm beginning to wonder if this is Milan's Taboo subject, but here goes anyway. Have ye all decided what way you'll be voting? I've settled on a No vote and I am looking forward to Thursday, so I can stop thinking about politics.

A few weeks ago I took interest in politics (i.e. The Lisbon Treaty) for the first time and I immediately regretted it. It gets under your skin and much as I find it boring and irritating, I couldn't help but look for more info, more opinions, more arguments.

After Thursday I will never politic again. But until then, what way are the 49£ers voting?


  1. you'll never do it again! Seriously? That really puts me off doing it in the first place!

    Still don't know, but am swayed by your vote no for a more transparent campaign idea.

  2. Watching you from the mainland I will not vote. But looking forward to the outcome.

  3. I am voting no after watching primetime and seeing the yes campaign brian lenihan and a little knob from ibec look very uncomfortable under the desk their feet were twitching like fuck!!!

    this was enough to sway me to vote what I already assumed would be a no!

  4. BTW this aint the taboo subject Milan was on about.

  5. I missed Primetime but I've read a few people going towards No after it.

    I read Lenihan's article in the Indo today though and it was the first time he really seemed confident on the subject. It was still a little immature in attacking the No-sayers, but it was a bit more balanced than I've heard of late.

  6. I'm unsure but maybe yes. I'll decide on Thurs morning.

    Darren v disappointed on the quiz results. You'll have to try harder than that. You should get SL's name, that's the easiest. I'll give you a hint, it starts with HO.

    Also - have you read the "who are we" and poetry links to the right.

    If you give me one answer to my questions I'll give you the rest.

  7. Jeeze, Milan. You're a hard task mistress!

    I think interesting and informative posts trump a few in-jokes. Don't put him off!

    And, I suspect, enough with the breastfeeding. Or I'll have to come to your house and feed the baby in your kitchen.