Sunday, June 22, 2008

Blog Band

I went to the Republic of Loose in the Ambassador.....Well Fuck me hard, it was the best gig I have EVER been to! Now I have been to a lot of gigs, I am always going to gigs, actually since my marraige ended I get out a hell of a lot more! But the gig last night was ot just a gig, it was fucking fantastic, it was a fucking frenzy of music and rythem, filthy language, sweat and hormones!

I have never been to a Loose gig before but I had only heard great things, so I had high expectations, now I like the band and I have been listening to a couple of the albums in advance of last night, even trying to indoctrinate my Radiohead loving boyfriend to the dark side. Now on my own blog I mentioned that one of the members of the band, Ben studied with me in Trinity years ago, he's the bald tall quiet bass player, allegedly he put me on the guest list, allegedly as when I got there I was met with a blank look, but the lovely PR girl (not usually three words that go together in my experience of Pr people) Priscella apparently was this lovely girls name and she waved us on in! We found a nice place to stand and for an hour and a half we waiting, the support was OK, not really my kind of thing, one song just sounded like barking and the amount of crotch grabbing was just too much!

At ten o clock the guys came on stage, from the first song we were swept up in a pagan orgy of sex and music! Now it was Midsummer's night, so maybe there was a certain energy in the air, but it was electric. I like to go to gigs as I said, but generally I'll stand and sway a bit, not the moshing and jumping up and down the explosion of physicality that last night brought out in me. Chanting Fuck you and just losing my senses I suppose! It was just absolutely the closest thing to sex I've ever experienced! Afterwards I dragged aforementioned boyfriend to Eddie rockets, where I passed up on my normal veggie burger, I needed fucking red meat! I just wanted to go home and ride my boyfriend senseless!

So I am sure there will be a raised eye brow or two at my terrible spelling and bad language in this post, but I just don't fucking care, you can't write about the Loose and not want to be dirty, really really dirty. I propose that we adopt them as our blog band and try to go to a gig on one of our outings..? I really can't recommend them enough, I have no idea why they aren't huge, I mean I would pass up on U2 in concert to see them again....seriously!


  1. A colleague of mine (who is a huge ROL fan) saw them last year and said it was the worst gig she had ever seen. The lead singer was drunk or high or something and was unintelligible. Glad to see they are back on form and giving fans what they deserve.

  2. Ahem, you will recall Midge that I invited you to see them months ago but you didn't believe me.

    I saw them last year in the Olympia and they were great. It's a strange phenomenan cause I love the Loose like a normal band, but I have about 10 2-person connections to band so I can't worship them cause they're too local.

    I second the motion for blog band. They even have a song named for one of out members - "Idiot" - it's my favourite song but they didn't play it last time I saw them which is a shame.

  3. Absolutely. Saw them in the Academy a few months ago and they were spectacular. Have just the right amount of filth for us too.

    In fact I nominate this post for one of those filthy badges the kids are all talking about ;)

  4. I saw them last year in Whelans, twas a great gig alright and I have absolutely no connections so no bias!