Monday, June 23, 2008

Loose me up, baby

I'm feeling the love for the Loose after Midge's post so in further supplication for them to become our blog band, I give you my favourite of their songs. I played this song on repeat for 4 days non-stop when it came out first. I heart it a lot.


  1. I can't hardly hear the song cause I'm having flashbacks to the Cavern, Livepoool, where Shan was up on a table doing Like a virgin. I've also had the pleasure of watching Shan do Singstar. I'm just laughing too hard now. I'll listen to the song without watching the video.

  2. Yes, there is definately an air of Shan about the bum, I mean the singer! :-)

    I love this song, I mean if a man ever wanted to woo me, this would do mace, punching people in the face, drunk in the middle of a donut shop.....I just fucking love it, it's fucked up, but it's real....

    Milan I heart this song too!

    I think it's the chorus? I just don't know but this song definately gets an emotional response from me

  3. Loose loose loose.

    They are a great band.