Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Coming back from my vacation this Monday I found my desk had been moved. Instead of having a perfect place, overlooking the cubicles with back against a window and my PC screen turned away from everyone, I now sit with face to window and screen facing the entire office. Bummer!

At first this new seating put me off doing anything personal like reading emails or checking stuff online. Visiting this blog was completely out of the question until today when my severe withdrawal symptoms made me come back. I suppose being seated next to my project manager had something to do with both me holding back as well as visiting. Today he started blurting out updates from the football sites so I figured if he checks football stuff, I can check life online. But I couldn't just look. I immediately turned in to commenting - and now I'm in Notepad(!) writing this which I will quickly copy to a post.

I like being restricted as it sparks my creativity.


  1. I hate that too. Am always getting snared at work.

  2. I thought you ran the show there what the hell you scared about.

  3. I have one of those glorious jobs where I can sit on Gmail and Facebook all day if I want to and no-one bats an eyelid :) Still, you're right Dolly, every cloud blah, blah, blah.

    You know your namesake is playing over here at the weekend?

  4. It wasn't the bloody ergonomics people who did it Dolly, was it? We had them in last year. Nightmare. I do everything wrong of course.

  5. Milan - thanks.

    Shan - I run the test team. There is an overlord, and it ain't me.

    SL - LOL, no it was not for ergonomic reasons. We ran out of space due to more people joining the project and office space is limited. Now 4 desks have been transformed into 2 long desks which fits 3 people each.

    Are you going to see Dolly? She was here last week and I would have gone if some rich cowboy would've taken me!