Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The day I scared Daz.

I knew it would happen someday, Darren or Daz as I have said he will be commonly known as lives closeby, well in a posher part of Wicklow. Anyhow I have known this since the blog awards when I started to read his own blog and I also, or maybe it was him, found him on twitter.

With all that info I knew a stalk was inevitable.

But alas he does not get the 84x home he prefers the worst way to travel, the Dart.

Stalk over.

Until tonight that is. There I was sitting on the bus minding my own business when a clump of curly brown hair caught my eyes, could it be! Next thing I knew he had a tinsy little laptop out and was researching stuff he had printed off, it did not look like research for work since I have a bit of an idea of what he does and I saw no number crunching going on.

This is where it gets scary, Twitter is a fantastic way of communicating with people you can do it over the web, on little desktop apps or even through a text message from your mobile phone, the mobile route suited my plan perfectly.

I also know that Daz and Mr Darragh Doyle are good mates, you may remember Darragh been the one who wrote about how to comment
. Well I sent Darragh a direct tweet from my mobile (Private text)Asking "Can you text darren and tell him if he is on the 84x he is very ignorant ignoring me sitting two seats back"

How I laughed to see this person I was sure was Darren immediatly pick up his phone start laughing and looking around aimlessly for the stalker.

I got this reply from Darragh "Lunatic!! Go up and introduce yourself. That was me calling him just there!"

I replied back to him saying "tell him its Shanachie, this is fun"

Another phone call, little bit of chat and then he carried on playing with his baby poota, I was not going to give up like that so I decided what the fuck lets just go up and introduce myself, I think in the end I was probably more nervous which is very unlike me but we had a good chat and hopefully we will meet on the 84x again sometime.

I think the nervousness was due to the fact I am a shit stalker.


  1. You may be a shit stalker, but you're good at protecting your own mystery - I live up the road from you, I've dropped you home twice and you've managed to ensure I still don't know where you live :)

  2. Hahaha Jo you will never know mwhahahaha

    I told you we were a scary bunch when you decided to join in.

  3. Shan I'm proud of your stalking skills. I think you did us proud.

  4. Legend. Though I was thinking I should have got you to tell me what he was doing and made it even worse... maybe I'm just too nice. *sigh*.

  5. Now why didnt I think of that, I suppose I was unsure if it was him although he is the only guy in Ireland with hair like that, it is a serious perm!

  6. Top story Shan, bravo!

    I too saw Darren in the distance some time back, just after he joined but I was too shy and awkward to go over and introduce myself. Not great qualities in an Overlord, I know.

  7. How did Darren not know it was you first time he looked around is the 84 X bus full of computer geeks??? Jesus, you won't have been able to control your smile! Sorry, evil smile!

  8. Classic! And so sweet being nervous. I can see you having put on a very blank face when D was turning looking. You are evil. You are fantastic!

  9. The trick is look from the corner of your eyes but keep the face looking out the window. Dolly got it spot on blank look always works but how I stopped myself from laughing is beyond me, you should have seen him scouting out everyone twas very funny.

    MW I have no idea how he missed me I have 3 blogging badges now on my coat a black one and white one and a red one how he missed them I dunno.

  10. "serious perm" droooll. My hands are weak at the thought of playing with young Daz's curly hair. I'll have to get him drunk first.