Thursday, June 26, 2008

My carbon footprint

Everyone is going on and on about their carbon footprint, well while walking about in work today I looked behind me and did see any carbon being left, so I thought this is all a load of cack.

Off I went to the carbon footprint people to explain my anger that I was not leaving any black footprints around and that their advertising was a load of toss.

My eyes wandered about the screen supposedly us Irish are leaving these footprints everywhere, but I have never seen them! But I did see a calculator on their webpage so I went to give that a go. I found out why I aint seeing my carbon footprint, my figure was 4.63 which is well low.

How chuffed am I as I switch the air conditioning on here in work and throw some old paper scripts in the bin!


  1. A problem is that different sites use different criteria, so you could have two dfferent figures.

    It's all that getting the bus - worthy worthy.

    Funny, my last word verif had mw in it, this one has jo...

  2. what about demolishing wall's does that have an effect?