Friday, June 06, 2008

My Poxy Life!

So back to blogger, and as I haven't tried to publish or save this post yet everything is going fine! I have switched my little blog to Wordpress (please evil overlord....move us!) I find my computer doesn't seem to hate Wordpress as much as Blogger so I can actually blog easily enough. I haven't been blogging here for a while, for a few silly reasons I suppose, three silly children! Between one thing and another I just haven't stopped in the last few weeks, I have given up booze, put my wedding ring on again, discovered Fairy love and had my Tubal Ligation request turned down. Oh and my baby has been teething so badly he has taken to stealing ice pops from the freezer and my daughter has chicken pox everywhere, even on her genitals and eye ball!

Last night I couldn't sleep, it was my night away from the children and I went to stay in my boyfriends, I was/am so wound up. I just can't seem to unclench, no matter what I do, I've tried breathing exercises, I've tried visualisation, I've tried sex! I just can't seem to tune in and drop out! Maybe not drinking is a bigger issue than I suspect as previously if I was wound up I'd drink until i relaxed, not anymore. I am just hoping not drinking will eventually help, I'll have more energy, more focus, more time? That's the dream anyway.

So I am tense, so tense that when my boyfriend tries to rub my neck it hurts, arse!

I am going to Radio head tonight, now let me explain something here, I am not a Radio head fan, but my boyfriend is, and he has never been to one of their gigs, in fact before he met me he had never been to any gigs, so tonight is for him. I have tried to listen to their music...not my cup of depressive angst ridden rock! Where is the flamboyancy of Morrissey or the funny dances of the Cure? Even the Smashing Pumpkins had the baldy guy and the cool videos!

Finally a good bit of nuacht, I am dating my boyfriend for six months now, isn't that strange? Time really has flown, we are still happily in the great sex, getting to know you stage, even though we fart in bed (hee hee hee) the romance is still there (yes on my side it's more Gothic romance, but still!) So Happy Anniversary to me! Odd to be celebrating half a year, after being with someone for 16.5 years!

So raise a glass of alcohol frei bier to us! Sláinte!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    Btw, are you purposely saying 'Radio head' just to annoy us real fans? It's RADIOHEAD - aaaaaggggggh!

    Ahem, enjoy the gig - I'm going tomorrow night.

  2. Sorry sorry sorry,
    Enjoy the gig Darren! It was excellent, the lightshow was amazing! We darted it out and then we left just 15 minutes before the end, and we got a dart home no problem, it was also the first gig I attended as a non drinker! It was great, good fun, great place for a gig....Have a ball tomorrow!

  3. WB MW and WTF! How could you leave with 15 mins to go? I won't have to go in to sex here do I? I hope you get the idea. Never EVER leave until it's over. ok? :)

  4. Midge conrats on the no drinking & 6 months of love.

    What does Gothic romance involve?

  5. Dolly, I am way too old to handle 9,000 people trying to get a dart!!!! Home single of chips cup of tea and Grey's Anatomy!

    Think Byron!

  6. I leave early too. It's about being old, and hating other people for me :)