Friday, June 06, 2008

Summertime and the living is...

I guess living is easy. The weather here is fantastic. We all shake our heads and pinch ourselves as it's been a long period of sun and close to tropical temperatures (sorry Milan, I know you hate being reminded you're not blessed as often with temperatures over 20). Today it's 26 degrees, blue sky and a light breeze. Perfect.

Today is the National Day of Sweden so I'm off from work and I decided to add another week of vacation to it. I noticed I was close to biting people's heads off at work so to save us all from an embarrassing bloodbath I took a week off.

Don't know exactly what's wrong but I don't want to do anything. I wish I could sleep for a thousand years. But I'll go outside, work on a tan, take a shower, grab a bottle of champagne and go to the BBQ I'm invited to in the evening.


  1. Happy Sweden day, I am going through the exact same shit at the moment in work but thats another post all together. To be fair we aint had a bad time of it here with the weather of late ourselves, so you aint getting any envy from me!

  2. Awh, I think I deserve some envy. I managed to burn my butt today! Now that's got to give me some points - yeah?

  3. Dolly I envy you, but also appreciate the recognition.